Pope, Bro, Clean It Up

Pope, Bro, Clean It Up

So I guess the pope has a foot fetish? I’m not one to judge, but you’re the pope. Can’t go around sucking toe. Just a bad look. You’re the pope, anything you say or do is gonna make headlines. And these are prisoners! he’s literally licking prisoners toes cause easter is around the corner. He washed a dozen prisoners feet and chowed down. Disgusting.

Honestly, how pope is this though? When they’re not making national headlines for molesting little kids they’re making national headlines for cleaning prisoners toes with their tongue like a cat. Bizarre stuff. I don’t know I’m not religious so maybe this makes sense to other people but if I was the pope I would just walk around their cell block holding that dangling steaming lamp they always have and mumble some italian or some shit. No need to fuck their toes.

– Silky Mitts

2 Responses to Pope, Bro, Clean It Up

  1. And plus the toes are like, the dirtiest part of the body. Poor judgment, Pope bro! You don’t know where that toe has been, especially in prison!

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