Are You Shitting Me? A Playing Card Sold For $2.1 Million.

Are You Shitting Me? A Playing Card Sold For $2.1 Million.

$2,105,770.50 for a piece of cardboard with a Pittsburgh Pirate on it. Not even someone from a winning franchise. It’s the fucking Pirates. I understand the hype and obsession around collectors items, it’s really cool when only 50 of something is in existence, but to get over 2 mil for it? Shit, I think I have a shiny Charazard card from pokemon somewhere in my attic. Can I become filthy rich for that? Better yet, if a Pittsburgh Pirate card can get Joe Shithead millions of dollars I have a Tim Couch rookie card on the Cleveland Browns to sell. Selling a piece of thin cardboard for 2 mil. Only in America.

Best part about this story is that the bro was already rich and a savvy investor. Why can’t some guy in debt who’s doing some spring cleaning find a rare card? Why can’t, say, a cynical blogger who gets jealous of the rich getting richer find a million dollar card? I’m not jealous. Just, you know. Fuck that guy.

– Silky Mitts

p.s. Snooped around my attic after reading this story. How many billions of dollars are Garbage Pale Kids cards worth now? 5 bill? 100 bill???

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