Dude Loses Both Of His Hands, Gets New Bionic Hands That Can Do Anything.

This futuristic shit absolutely blows my mind. Pair of hands that look straight out of I, Robot. If you’re too lazy to watch the video, the guy with the robot hands can do anything from grabbing a jelly bean to being able to hold his children again. Really heart warming stuff. But more importantly, how pumped is this bro he can finally crack stick again? Just going months without being able to masturbate. Could drive even the bravest of men to insanity.

And this thing is controlled by an iPhone app. That freaks me out. Yeah this whole thing seems like a great idea, for now. What, do you think Apple is stupid? You think they did all this to help this guy out? Umm not falling for it. Yeah sure it’s just hands now, but before you know it there will be full robots controlled by Apple enslaving all of mankind. What did they think, that I wasn’t going to pick up on their master plan? Sorry Apple, you gotta wake up a lot earlier if you want to pull one past Silky Mitts.

– Silky Mitts


Original Link: CNN

2 Responses to Dude Loses Both Of His Hands, Gets New Bionic Hands That Can Do Anything.

  1. My chat group’s reaction to this video:

    [10:53:34 AM] Spider.: sorry just blown away by his hands
    [10:53:46 AM] Samantha: that’s awesome!
    [10:54:11 AM] Zymotic Jamie: thats some cool robot hands XD
    [10:54:36 AM] Samantha: If they make this kind of advances with prostects then all the Military who are disabled because of service can get a new lease on life…
    [10:54:41 AM] Zymotic Jamie: I just lost the game
    [10:54:53 AM] Spider.: exactly!
    [10:54:58 AM] Samantha: omgsh
    [10:55:09 AM] Samantha: I’m actually teary and shit…
    [10:55:23 AM] Spider.: If the military are sending people to war and that..they should damn well provide amputees with this
    [10:56:16 AM] Samantha: exactly!

  2. silkymitts says:

    Thanks Zymotic Jamie, I just lost the game too.

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