Dude Harpoons Himself In The Face While Cleaning Harpoon, Doesn’t Go To Hospital Until The Next Day.

I don’t know the first thing about harpoons, but I will tell you this. When one of them goes through your eye I’m like 85% sure you’re supposed to immediately go to the hospital. Not 100% on that, but I’m fairly confident. This guy had a harpoon lodged in his dome piece and he actually waited until the next day to go to the hospital. That means he went about his day with a harpoon lodged through his face acting as if he didn’t have a god damn harpoon lodged in his face. Making lunch, masturbating, chillin, watchin TV, masturbating, reading a book, masturbating, all with a harpoon shoved through his face. I mean, bro, you have a giant piece of metal in the middle of your head. I don’t know if this is a tactic trying to get laid but I gotta tell you most chicks are gonna find it kinda disgusting. Shits gross dude, clean it up.

You have to figure after a while it’s more annoying than painful right? I mean if he waited an entire day to go to the hospital I’m sure it started to not hurt and now everywhere he walks hes bumping into walls pushing the harpoon further in his stupidĀ  face. Somethin like that will ruin anyone’s day. I bet his thought process was that if he ignored the giant harpoon protruding from his eye ball that it would go away. Not gonna say that’s one of the worst decisions in the world but that’s one of the worst decisions in the world hands down. Get that shit removed immediately next time buddy, cause I gotta be honest, you look pretty dumb. Not trying to be harsh, just keepin it real.

– Silky Mitts


Original Link: TVNZ

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