No Big Deal Just A Family That Was Never Taught To Walk On 2 Legs.

Bizarro city, population this family. I mean is that even comfortable? What the hell do you get out of walking on all fours? Bro, you look like a monkey. We’re homo erectus now, you can walk upright. Act like it. And it’s not like they’re crawling, cause their knees never touch the floor. Just their hands and feet scrapping dirt and rocks and shit all day. I don’t get it. You’re gonna cut up your hands, get them dirty, calluses destroying your entire hand like you read about. Call me crazy but I don’t see any positives coming out of this. Walk like a monkey for so long your backs gonna morph and you won’t be able to stand up straight at all. Forget about ever having pleasurable sex ever again. The only purpose for sex for you will be strictly to procreate and everyone knows that’s the only downside of fucking. That and trying to slink out of her apartment in the middle of the night without her noticing. Point is, this may be the stupidest thing you could do for no reason. They get no benefit, we get no benefit, everyone loses. No one cares you’re trying to be different cause you look like idiots. Not trying to be mean, just laying down the facts.

– Silky Mitts


Original Link: Slate

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