Can The New York Rangers Still Win This Series?

I…I just don’t know anymore. If they can figure out how to fucking score, maybe they’ll win. Maybe. With the exception of Lundqvist, the Rangers have been playing like shit. Scored 1 goal in 6 periods (off a caps skate) and didn’t register a shot in the last 17 minutesĀ  of game 2. Not one shot! They scored 51 goals in their last 14 regular season games…what the fuck happened? I seriously don’t know if this team can win. Their only hope is the garden faithful helps them out for the home games. They got a couple chances last game but when you have Nash, Richards, Stepan and Callahan and score 1 goal in 6 periods it’s unacceptable. I don’t know what it is about Caps/Rangers games but I feel like both teams have trouble scoring when they play each other in the playoffs. Nash needs to start scoring, Asham needs to start fighting and Lundqvist needs to keep dominating. I really hope they come out strong and make a statement for the rest of the series but with the way they’re playing it’s tough to see a second round that involves the New York Rangers. Being down 2-1 is not bad at all. Being down 3-0 would suck balls.

With that said I got Rangers in 7. LGR

– Silky Mitts


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