Barney’s and NYPD In Hot Water After Arresting Kid Who Bought $350 Belt Because They Didn’t Think Someone Like Him Could Afford It.

Pictured is Trayon Christian, the kid who Barney’s thought there was no way could buy a $350 belt. I’m not one to pull out the race card, cause, well, I’m white. I don’t need to. Ever. But I gotta pull the race card on this one. I mean, this dude’s name is Trayon Christian. That’s way too close to Trayvon Martin. Barney’s saw some kid named Trayon, immediately didn’t trust him, and called the cops. I know it, you know, everyone and their gumar knows it. Love how Barney’s is playing the dumb card too. Like Oh, we do this shit all the time, oh he’s black? I had no idea he was black! Seriously! Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you’re gonna be racist than be racist. But don’t spit on my dick and tell me it’s raining.

p.s. So much money just for a belt, uh? Probably a lucky white belt. You can never have enough lucky white belts.

– Silky Mitts

Original Link: Gothamist

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