Insipred By Joe Buck…Here Are Silky Mitts’ Top 5 People’s Faces That Need To Get Punched.

So I was watching some of the world series game today and they showed Joe Buck interviewing some guy and I just got this unbelievable urge to rock him in the face. Nothing he said or did, just…his face. Some people just have that face where you immediately think “This guy needs to get a fist delivered to their suck hole”. It’s not their fault, just the way they were born. Don’t really hate the Buckster, just something about that face. The point of this blog isn’t to say that Joe Buck is a bad announcer. He is. But that’s not the point. So now, without further Apu…

5. Nicholas Cage

I would be remiss if I did not include Mr. Cage on a list of people with douche bag faces. This is another example of people I don’t hate. Lot of people hate this guy and say he’s a terrible actor. Ummm guess those people have never seen Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence? Absolute fire movie (no pun intended but intended).

4. Matthew Perry

Probably should be number 1. Dude has a face that not even his own mother could love. I have no clue how this guy made it. He’s a shitty actor, so derpy it hurts, and has a face that makes my hand clinch without even realizing it.

p.s. nice middle finger in that second picture, bro. that shits disgusting. clean it up.

3. Donovan McNabb*

I’m a Giants fan, but even I got so angry when McNabb would smile after every single interception he threw. No clue why. I can only imagine how angry Eagles fans would get. He would throw legit pick 6’s and just smile and look over at Andy Reid like ‘I just threw my 3rd interception of the game. nothin else to do but crack a smile lol!’ what a putz.

*not a race thing. I once had a black friend, so it’s cool.

2. Joe Buck

Nice face, bro. Guarantee the second he popped out of his mother and she got a glimpse of his face she wishes he was just a blow job. Like that baby on Seinfeld who was so ugly Jerry couldn’t even look at it. Episode was probably based off Bucks birth. That shit eating grin needs to get smacked the fuck off

1. Pierre McGuire

Words cannot describe how badly he needs to be punched. I don’t care who does it. Don’t need to know. I would love to take a running start at him, cocking my fist just staring him in the eyes as he looks on very confused. He’d be asking me why I’m running at him, very confused, kind of scared, not moving, and I wouldn’t say a word. Just keep running. And then punch him so hard his glasses go through his head. I think if I did that people would hoist me in the air above his dumb body and chant my name. May even get the key to the city country.

– Silky Mitts

Honorable Mentions: Seth Green, Ryan Seacrest, Rex Ryan, James Franco (love um, but he’s gotta do somethin about that face), Daniel Tosh and Carlos Mencia.

Did I miss any? If there’s someone you think should be on the list let me know.

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