Beer Review by Lafferty Daniel: Hogwild

Watch out for the party hog, he’ll get ya.

Have you ever looked at a pig and thought about beer?  Mostly I think about sweet beautiful bacon just resting on a skillet.  Listening to bacon sizzling on a skillet while being hungover is probably the greatest feeling in the world.  Sorry, I’m losing my train of thought here.  Back to beer, and pigs.  Why pigs?  Well today’s beer is the Hogwild brewed by Aviator Brewing Company on the east coast in North Carolina.  The Hogwild is an Indian Pale Ale and just from looking at the can you can tell this pig definitely likes to party and will probably eat your babies.  But who wouldn’t want to party with a pig who drinks beer?
  • First up for the Hogwild is the color.  The color of the Hogwild is a golden brown color.  This is the run-of-the-muck color of IPAs.  There is no fancy color for this IPA and no distinguishing factor for it yet.  Even though the color is similar to traditional or everyday IPAs, it is still a perty beer to look at.  I’m a sucker for any type of beer that has that golden tint to it.  I’m pretty much their slave.
  • Second up for the Hogwild is the taste, my favorite part.  The taste of the Hogwild is definitely bitter because Aviator uses 100 different types of hops when they brew this beer.  That bitter taste is accompanied by a hoppy flavor as well.  They go hand-in-hand as with any IPA out there.  The Hogwild finishes with a dry, but yet refreshing medium-bodied taste.  That’s the distinguishing factor right there!  Aviator manages to take this bitter beer and allows it to refresh the drinker, as well as not feeling full, at the same time.  This is where the Hog comes out and says “Hey!  Our IPA refreshes ya even on the hottest days of the year.  Drink it pansy!”
  • Third up for the Hogwild is the aroma.  The aroma of the Hogwild is hoppy and floral.  You basically can smell the bitter taste in your nose.  Tasting with your nose!  Their massive amount of hops used in the brew process gives off that floral smell as well.  They combine to create a great smelling beer, just in case you’re into that sort of thing; you know, smelling your beer.
This Hog came to party, but how does it stack up?  Well the color is pretty much the same color as traditional IPAs on the market.  The taste is bitter, slightly more bitter than most IPAs, but it allows the drinker to feel refreshed and not full.  The aroma gives you the sense of how bitter the beer is from the massive amount of hops.  For me, based on these facts, I would rate the Hogwild an 8.  This beer is great. The factor for me that stands out for Aviator is the fact that they can create a refreshing IPA.  Usually beers that are refreshing have a lighter body to them, but with this medium-bodied IPA I still felt refreshed even to the last drop.  The Hogwild has a 6.7 percent alcohol by volume allowing for moderate consumption, but that’s just enough to garner enough courage to walk up to that girl across the bar.  But you might find out the girl is a tree, and in that case you have had the perfect amount of beer.  The taste is great, so go ahead and get this beer and party with this Hog.
– Lafferty Daniel
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