Nazi Enthusiast Who Named His Children “Adolf Hitler” and “JoyceLynn Aryan Nation” Legitimately Confused Why He Has To Fight In Court For Custody Of His Children. Oh and He Showed Up To Court In Full Blown Nazi Threads.

This story is an absolute riot.  This proves how dumb people like this father are. His kids Little Adolf and Aryan Nation are taken away from him so naturally there’s only one logical thing to do to get them back…show up to court dressed to the Nazi 9’s. This bro fucked up so many times it’s comical. Name your kid after the #2 most hated man (Lebron #1) in the world? Check. Prove to the court you’re a sane man who can handle children by dressing in nazi clothes? Check. Make sure your sweet new swastika tat is poppin out for the judge and jury to see? Check.  Absolute looney central.

I know this is a free country and all so you’re free to do what you want. But bro, you can’t seriously think you can rock (the OG) Hitler’s outfit to a US court and expect people to give you the benefit of the doubt?  I could wear my bed sheet over my head to the middle of Detroit but if I expect anything but a prompt stabbing I’m as foolish as a Mets fan. So just take a breath, look in the mirror, and kill yourself. Cause you’re not only making yourself look ridiculous but you’re making Little Adolf and Aryan pretty embarrassed too.

– Silky Mitts

Original Link: Barstool Sports

p.s. Bro, your ball n chain…woof.

p.p.s. Want to make fun of the shit on his upper lip so bad but it doesn’t hold a match to Jordon’s hitler stash.

So nasty. So cocky. So Jordon.

Mother of the Year Candidate From Long Island Left Her 4 Kids In A Car While She Got Shitfaced At A Bar.

What a fox! Seriously though, not a good look for this mother of the year candidate. Left 4 kids in a car and to make matters worse one of the kids is autistic. Yikes. She didn’t just leave them in the car for a second to run in a 7-11 to grab a soda either. Fatso here was on a mission to get stupid drunk and if that means ditching her offspring for a couple hours, so be it.

Gotta be honest though, love this woman’s hustle. Having 4 kids will not stop this woman from ripping shots in the middle of the day. Oh I have to watch our 4 kids all day? Tough shit, I’m getting shitfaced. They’re not old enough to drink so they had to chill in the car. Kind of makes an extreme amount of sense if you think about it. They could have been unsupervised at home all day where there’s knives and faulty outlets everywhere. This woman just lookin out for her kids. She may even deserve a medal of some sort.

– Silky Mitts


Original Link: NY Post

p.s. If I was a cop you could not pay me enough money to arrest this woman at the bar. She looks like the type of broad that would knock you the fuck out if you took her drink away from her. Mother with 4 kids, day drinking, hasn’t showered in days. I know better than to fuck with that person.

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