Domino’s to Deliver Pizza By Flying Drones In What Could Be Called The Greatest Thing Ever.

Listen, there are sweet inventions like the wheel or plastic.  And then there are absolutely ingenious inventions.  Inventions such as the remote for your TV, toilet paper for your asshole, and now, Dominos flying drones to your doorstep.  These are the kind of inventions that get people to whisper Nobel Prize around the streets. So perfect it makes me angry.  In fact, I have no clue how I’ve been living all these years without having a drone delivering fresh hot pizzas to my doorstep.  Feel pretty foolish actually.

And I know what you’re thinking. Silky Mitts, having a drone deliver a pizza is literally the exact same thing as a delivery guy.  Uhhh no. It’s not. Idiot. Having a delivery guy deliver pizzas is terrible for both parties. For the consumer it sucks when the delivery guy has a shit attitude and is ungrateful no matter the amount of money you give him. The terrible part for the delivery guy is having to stare at the stupid consumer waiting for your tip which you know will be a shitty tip. I would know, I used to be a delivery boy.

So you see, having a foot in both doors I can tell you that delivering pizzas suck, dealing with delivery guys sucks, the only logical explanation is to bring out the drones. Give the American people what we want! We want drones! We want drones!

– Silky Mitts

Original Link: New York Post

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