High School In Canada Centers Entire Core Curriculum On Ice Hockey

hockey school

Well fuck me. If this shit was around when I was in high school not only would I have been getting straight A’s but I probably would be teaching the damn class by the end of the first week. Such a great idea. I would make such a great teacher too. Math: What’s larger, the diameter of the earth or Bryzgolov’s 5-hole? Ethics: Would it be smarter to use Paul Bissonnette to stop a bath tub from leaking or an actual plug? Logic: If morphing for humans is physically impossible, how does Datsyuk transform the other team into traffic cones every got damn game?… These are just a couple examples.

Seriously though this idea is so money that my eyes are bleeding. Not just cause it’s hockey either. They should have more schools that tailor to people’s interest to help them learn more. A school that uses football to teach for those football lovers, a school that uses Harry Potter to still teach the basic core classes to kids who love those novels, a school centered around homosexuality for people who like to watch the Big Bang Theory. The list is endless.

– Silky Mitts

Original Link: CBCNews

p.s. Yes, if I was a teacher I would absolutely play the Mighty Ducks movies at least 3 times a day. If you don’t think that’s an amazing idea than you need to fill your pockets with lead weights and walk straight into the ocean.

The Fact That China Hasn’t Taken Over Our Country Yet Blows My Mind

When I was in high school I had to walk down my street and I was at school. Took about 5-8 minutes. And I hated it. Felt like a decathlon. And I was in high school. These chinese kids are in elementary school and not only do they walk great lengths to get to school, they have to go through an obstacle course. Balancing on wet, mossy rocks. Climbing up completely vertical ladders with an 80-90 % chance of falling off. I mean look at that shot at the 10 second mark in the video. That’s the path that these 10 year olds have to take EVERY DAY? Uh sorry, I would take not knowing my times tables over attending this school and increasing my risk of instant death any day. Hey mommy look i’m climbing up this broken ladder to get to school take a picutreeeee I’M DEAD! I get nervous when I climb up step ladders to fix a light bulb, these kids must have absolute ice in the veins.

It’s shit from China like this that seriously makes me wonder why China has not taken over America yet. They have over a billion more people than us and they start training kids for the military in elementary school. And yes, I know that’s why these kids take this path to school. You want to tell me that out of every way possible these kids can take to school, the one with a 95% death rate is the easiest? Out of my face, China. We’re not stupid over here, we can read between the lines. You’re training them at a young age to take over the world. You know it, I know it, everyone and their grandparents knows it. Don’t necessarily hate the approach, just don’t make a news story that this is the only path they can take when you’re clearly in phase 1 of world domination.

– Silky Mitts


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