Flow God of the Week…Playoff Edition: Tyler Bozak

Tyler Bozak

Center for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Don’t know if you’ve been watching the leafs/bruins series, but Bozak’s flow is stealing the god damn show. Leafs may be down 1-3 in the series but with flow as relentless as Bozak’s I just can’t see an early exit. Physically impossible for the Leafs to lose next game. Unless he gets a hair cut. In which case 4-1 Bruins.

– Silky Mitts

Flow God of the Week: Ryan Jones


Left Wing for the Edmonton Oilers. Jesus Christ, Jones. Save some flow for the rest of us will you? Unreal.

– Silky Mitts

Flow God of the Week: Ben Hanowski

Right Wing for the Calgary Flames. Came over in the Iginla deal from Pitt. Flow so earth shattering it would break the Richter Scale. As the great John Buccigross said, “lotta flow, lotta lettuce.”

– Silky Mitts


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