Note To Self: Do Not Ask Gucci Mane For A Picture

Note To Self: Do Not Ask Gucci Mane For A Picture

So Mr. Mane is back in legal trouble, this time smashing a bottle of champagne over a soldiers head when the soldier wanted a picture with the…artist? Now obviously it’s messed up he hit a soldier in the head with a bottle just for asking for a picture, but this has gotta be the soldiers fault here, right? Gucci already served 6 months in jail for assault in ’05, then he was charged with murder and the charges conveniently got dropped because of “lack of evidence” aka Gucci threatened to eat the judge’s family. Was it really a shocker that Gucci doesn’t want some honky snappin pictures in his grill piece while he’s trying to watch chicks with major daddy issues twerk? Bro, this is Gucci Mane, the man has a god damn ice cream cone tattooed to his face.

– Silky Mitts

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