Remember That Cop From UC Davis That Peppered Sprayed Those College Kids? He Just Got Awarded $38,000. Justice is Restored.


Listen, there are few things I hate in this world. People that choose cats over dogs, girls that aren’t 18 yet, and occupy hippie pussies. $38,000 might have been a bit much but at the same time it totally isn’t. Nothing makes my blood boil more than over privileged college hippies that feel the need to protest every little thing and act like the victim even though their parents pay for their college education. Shit drove me nuts when I was at school. My college cost so much yet these gay wads would set up little Occupy movements around our campus that no one gave a shit about. These kids have every option at their discretion, have the whole world in front of them, but they choose to hold flowers singing gay songs smelling like shit acting like the victim. All these occupy protestors are just bitching and complaining cause they want what others worked hard to achieve. The people who work on Wall Street are scum bags cause they spend a stupid amount of the companies money on absolutely ridiculous things* but guess what, they still worked their asses off to get there. They didn’t sit around in a little pow-ow crying with each other until they got what they wanted. Maybe next time instead of sitting on their asses thinking that holding a sign will change anything only to get a canister of pepper spray dumped on your cornea, they’ll put in some actual effort into getting good grades so they can have a good job.

– Silky Mitts

*I base this off of absolutely nothing.

Original Link: BarstoolU

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