Bro Cuts His Arm Off With A Saw At Home Depot. No Big Deal.

Ho hum nothing to see here, just a dude nonchalantly cutting his entire arm off with a saw in the middle of a Home Depot while people are watching. It’s not like he was cutting some wood and accidentally nicked his arm. This bro, fucking cut his arm off. That blows my mind. Walked in the store, went to the saw section, picked out a nice sharp saw, and promptly hacked away. Either this dude was on a comical amount of drugs or we just found the manliest man that ever man.

I mean, have you ever gotten a paper cut anywhere on your body? Not only does it hurt like hell, but it will ruin your day. Tiny cut in the arm, days ruined. But not for this bro. I would love for this guy to be captured by Jigsaw from the Saw movies and as Jigsaw’s in the middle of telling him he has to peel off all of his finger nails to get the key, this guy is already opening the door.

– Silky Mitts


p.s. Absolutely LOVE the asian guy on the left of this picture. Cockiest pose in the history of poses. Dude straight dominates the picture. And if you don’t think the guy all the way to the right hasn’t murdered at least 50 people with his bare hands I have a bridge to sell you.

original link:,0,4389809.story

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