Rangers’ Rick Nash Leaves Practice with Injury, Considered Day-to-Day

Rick Nash

Of course, this is bad. Anytime one of your franchise players goes down it’s bad.

Of course I would never want Nash out of the lineup.

Of course this is more negative than positive….

But maybe….

But maybeeeeee this for some reason will be exactly what Nasher needed? As of now he has 1 goal and 6 points through 12 games. 1 goal! And in case you didn’t see the goal, he got hooked on a breakaway trying to score into an empty net. Keenan Thompson from D2: Mighty Ducks could have scored that goal and he’s ….a goalie! So he managed to score without even scoring. Other than that he hasn’t put the puck in the back of the net. It’s hard for someone like him to not score even by accident. It’s an upper body injury which is never good, but considering he’s only day-to-day maybe sitting out a game or two and just sitting back and watching the game from a press box will help him out.

So maybe. Just maybeeeee a tiny little upper body injury to Mr. October No Show will do something to get his year started.

In case you didn’t get the reference…

Gregory Campbell Breaks Leg Blocking Shot…Continues To Finish His Shift.

Un. Real.  Gregory Campbell putting every athlete out there on notice right now. This right here is exactly why you cannot compare hockey players to any other sport on the face of the earth*. The man LITERALLY broke his leg. The bone snapped. Not only did he get back up on his two feet, but he continued his effort to get the puck out of the zone. I’ve never seen anything like it. When basketball players think they might have felt a breeze they immediately go straight down to the ground as if they got shot. If baseball players tummy’s hurt they sit out 3-4 weeks. And don’t get me started on soccer players. Epitome of pussy athletes. I know it. You know it. Their own parents know it.  The NHL postseason is different than any other postseason and Campbell demonstrates why.

– Silky Mitts


*Maybe extreme ironing. Shit gets real.

Ice in the veins.

Fat Shit Superfan Sues Derrick Rose Claiming His Absence Caused The Fan’s Depression And Fat-assness.

I’ve never been more on someone’s side than I am with this Chicago Bulls superfan. Some people are absolutely insane when it comes to sports. Some people don’t get it, but sports are like a religion. Actually, it’s more serious. Religion is a bunch of made up stories like hippies eating shrooms and seeing talking snakes or walking thousands of miles in the desert to deliver frankincense. Sports you’re born into. Sports are too real. You live and die for your teams. You invest years and lifetimes for it. Rose’s absence actually caused this fan to experience mental anguish, emotional stress, and gain a shit ton of weight. Basically, he gave up on life and became a slob. But guess what? It’s not his fault. This is America. And when the star player of your team misses all year you can sue him for all the depression it’s caused you. If Rangers goalie Lundqvist got injured right now and missed the rest of the season not only would I spiral into a crippling depression, but I’d probably lose all motor skills and forget how to breathe.

I would love for this guy to be a fan of Orlando Magic or Detroit Lions or Florida Panthers. Teams that have always and will always suck asshole. His team is in the playoffs without Rose and he’s still bitching. Buddy, some people are forced to be Toronto Maple Leafs fans. Do you know that some of their fans wear bags over their heads? They wear fucking paper bags, over their stupid heads. But you know what, they’d rather wear a paper bag than root for another team. That’s how crazy sports are. This bro won’t even kind of come close to winning this case and will probably result in further depression and weight gain, but, god speed sir. god speed.

– Silky Mitts


Original Link: Bleacher Report

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