Despite Sweden’s Sexy Jersey’s, USA Wins In Gold Medal Game 6-3.

The 2013 IIHF In-line Hockey World Championships has officially come to a conclusion. USA takes the gold in a 6-3 win over Sweden. Led by Travis Noe, Junior Cadiz, Pat Cannone, and Jerry Kuhn the USA Inline team won their sixth gold medal from these world championships which puts them as the sole record holder for most golds. NBD but KBD. USA played in their most competitive game of the tourney to take this win. The entire tourny they basically raped the competition with no remorse. They out scored opponents coming into this game 39-15 and was a perfect 5-0. Just an honest to god blood bath for any team USA faced. I would rather not have let up those 15 goals but whatever. Sweden is second in all time golds with five.

It has been an even better year for a couple other players. USA’s backup tendy (2-0 this tourney) had also just won an NCAA national title as a starter for Yale University and Dick Axelsson won an IIHF gold with Swedens ice hockey team this past spring. Canada giving it all they got could only snag bronze with a 5-1 win over Slovakia. Bronze is cute I guess. Next year, the world tourney will be held in Pardubice (?), Czech Republic. Crazy Czechs.

– Fresh Twig

p.s. Sweden’s jersey’s are filthier than Harriet Tubman’s nut sack. I want one. I need one. I feel like a chump not owning one.

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