Are The Penguins Fucking Kidding Me?

Are The Penguins Fucking Kidding Me?

They already have the best player in the league and they’ve won 13 games in a row. So naturally there’s only one logical move, pick up one of the best captains in the game. Well, one of the best black captains, at least. God damnit, the fucking Penguins. Such a shame too, I really liked Iginla and now I have to automatically hate his gizzards cause he plays for the cock sucking penguins.

As a Rangers fan, I realize how much this sucks, but at the same time I’ve seen this tactic blow up thousands of times. Rangers always sign a player that used to be great but when they sign them they are older than father time and have a nurse change their shit ridden diapers. Maybe the same will happen to the pens?

Probably not. With my luck they’ll knock out the rags in the first round, win the Stanley Cup and have a parade in new york.

What luck for Iginla too. Going from second-to-last in the West to 1st in the East. Lucky bastard. But at the same time he has to live in Pittsburgh, so, even trade I suppose.

– Silky Mitts

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