It’s Here! It’s Finally Here! Rangers Playoff Hockey Is About To Begin!

Been waiting for this day since the start of the season. More excited than Kim Jong Un holding a flamethrower in front of his loved ones. For the past couple years now the Rangers have been a team that are expected to make the playoffs, especially after last year when they dropped their pants from the high towers of 1st place and took a nice dump on the rest of the East. I was skeptical of the signing of AV, especially after the rocky start, but after severely improving a horrid power play and getting the rags to the 2nd position in the Met, I fully believe AV can make a serious playoff run. The zucc-brassard-pouliot line has been absolutely incredible and a HUGE factor as to why the Rangers have made it to where they are. Much rather would have had the rags play the Blue Jackets 1st round and let the Pens and Flyers kill each other but here we are. Flyers are a very resilient team that play with grit so the rangers are gonna have to come out strong and show other teams that playing at The Garden during the playoffs wont be easy. St. Louis gonna have to step it up, Nash keep playing great, and Hank keep wearing those Armani’s. LGR!

– Silky Mitts


US Navy Ship Fires Laser Beam to Destory a Drone. America!

Such a power move on our part to post this video on the internet. Love it. Love America. North Korea posts a couple horribly made cartoon videos that Kim-Jong Fatshit probably made in his mothers basement sitting in his underwear of NYC in flames and we post a real video of Navy battleships using fucking lasers to take down a drone over 10 football fields away. I love how we already know we are better than them in every way, and we just remind them by even topping them in videos. North Korea, are you good at anything? Do you even have lasers, bro? Probably not…

– Silky Mitts

p.s. Sitting in the enemy plane and seeing the laser beam strike your plane has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. A rocket or guns can be evaded if you’re a good enough pilot. But a laser? You’re done bro. Thanks for coming out.

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