Rangers Look To Take 2 In Pitt Tonight


After beating the Penguins 3-2 in overtime last Friday night the blueshirts look to extend their series lead to 2 tonight in Pittsburgh at 7:30. If the Rangers play exactly like they did a couple days ago they have a prettay prettaaay good chance. Lundqvist played well and the line of Brassard-Zucc-Pouliot continued to be the best on the ice. Nash continues to do his best Terry Shiavo impression while Benoit Pouliot has 4 points in his last 2 games. Such an upside down world we’re living in right now. But hey if it gets them the W I ain’t complainin. If Nash remembers how to use his motor skills I think Rangers become a real scary team right now. They looked real good against the Pens, but if Rags happen to move on to next round they’re going to need to be MUCH better. Whether they play the Habs or B’s they gotta pick up their play.

Now I know this would never happen, but AV needs to start Talbot tonight. Nothing against Lundqvist, but playing in Pittsburgh tonight and then playing in New York in less than 24 hours is too strenuous on goalies. Hanks been great, but he should watch from the bench tonight. Tell him it has nothing to do with his play, just rest for tomorrow. And I know it’s the playoffs, but guess what? Talbots been INCREDIBLE this year. I’m not just starting Talbot to rest Hank, it’s also to give us a good chance. He’s 12-6-1 with a .941 save percentage and 1.64 GAA. .941 Save Percentage!!! Not to mention a win over Chicago earlier this year where he was 20 seconds away from shutting them out. Those are absolutely remarkable numbers for a backup goalie. He also came in to relieve Hank against the Flyers and although only faced 5 shots he looked real good. I understand Hank is the go-to guy but all I’m saying is I wouldn’t hate it if Talbot started tonight.

– Silky Mitts

p.s. Best part hands down about last game was not only was Crosby held to 0 goals and 0 assists…he was a minus 3 on the night. On for every single Rangers goal. Should have given him the broadway hat that night.

New York Rangers Win Big Against Blind and Deaf Children Disguised As The Pittsburgh Penguins.

New York Rangers Win Big Against Blind and Deaf Children Disguised As The Pittsburgh Penguins.

I want to say that was impressive but the Pens are nothing without Crosby. Without Crosby who will complain to the refs? Who will fake injuries? Who can pleasure Malkin in the showers after the game? Just a giant gap that only Crosby can fill.

I mean tonight the Rangers just put on an absolute clinic. Lundqvist needs get a tape of this game, send it to Fluery and label it “instructions”. The entire time I’m waiting for the Penguins to get two quick goals and make it a tie game or a one goal game as is tradition for the Rangers, but nothing. Squids like Boyle and Moore just dropping trou right in Fleury’s grill piece and laying a steamer right in his crease. And he ate it. And he liked it!

Hey, at least the pens have Iginla! right?

– Silky Mitts

Highlights: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?hlg=20122013,2,538&navid=sb:highlights

Are The Penguins Fucking Kidding Me?

Are The Penguins Fucking Kidding Me?

They already have the best player in the league and they’ve won 13 games in a row. So naturally there’s only one logical move, pick up one of the best captains in the game. Well, one of the best black captains, at least. God damnit, the fucking Penguins. Such a shame too, I really liked Iginla and now I have to automatically hate his gizzards cause he plays for the cock sucking penguins.

As a Rangers fan, I realize how much this sucks, but at the same time I’ve seen this tactic blow up thousands of times. Rangers always sign a player that used to be great but when they sign them they are older than father time and have a nurse change their shit ridden diapers. Maybe the same will happen to the pens?

Probably not. With my luck they’ll knock out the rags in the first round, win the Stanley Cup and have a parade in new york.

What luck for Iginla too. Going from second-to-last in the West to 1st in the East. Lucky bastard. But at the same time he has to live in Pittsburgh, so, even trade I suppose.

– Silky Mitts

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