Call me what you want but this video had me laughing to myself. My heart legitimately hurt because of the fucking cuteness oozing out of my computer screen. Bulldog puppies are so underrated it makes me angry. Dogs and people have such an unbelievable bond it’s incredible. If I ever in my life, EVER, get remotely angry or sad about anything at all I’m going directly back to this video and I suggest you do too. Girlfriend break up with you? Go right to the video. Total your car, lose your house and get fired from your job? Look no further fella, this video is here waiting for you. Dogs, man.

– Silky Mitts

p.s. find me one video anywhere on the inter webs of a cat giving a newborn kisses and cuddling all over the place. you can’t. If a cat was in this video instead he would probably spend 10 years getting the kid to trust it and then on his 10th birthday the kid just passes out and dies. why? cause in the video the cat slipped a pill in the kids mouth that takes 10 years to kill. Fucking cats.

Original Link: Barstool Sports

Drunk Bro Scares Away An Elephant

Wow bro! You really showed that elephant! What an asshole. Elephants just tryin to get its graze on and this asshole has to scare him off. Don’t know what this guy was thinking. elephants have the greatest memories. Absolutely no chance this elephant is going to just let this go. No chance. This elephant’s going to widdle down a shiv starring at a picture of you every day until he feels it necessary to strike revenge. Kinda wish when the dude fell down the elephant just went over and stomped right on his dick. You wanna try to act cool and scare an innocent animal? Better be prepared to get your nuts obliterated by an elephants 200 pound foot.

– Silky Mitts


This Dog Dancing To Eminem Is The Greatest Youtube Video Of All Time. Period.

I’ve watched this video somewhere around 500 times and I keep coming back for more. This dog is having the absolute time of it’s life. Only thing that could have made this video any better is if it were 10 hours longer. I’m trying to think of a better video in general and I just can’t do it. Dogs FTW

– Silky Mitts

Dr. Mitts Diagnosis: Ankles Snapped

Poor Logan Couture. Never stood a chance. You know the real sad part about this? It was Couture’s birthday. Can’t make that shit up. You know when he woke up he was looking in the mirror saying “I’m the man. It’s my birthday. I’m gonna play a great game and get the game winning goal!”…wrong. Guess you forgot you were playing Datsyuk? Lucky for Couture, Datsyuk does this all the time so I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Just Datsyuk being Datsyuk, really.

I watched this video 5 times since I’ve started this post and it gets better every time. His ankles snapped so hard I think T Shives even felt that one.

– Silky Mitts

p.s. If I could trade mitts with anyone in the world it would 100% be Pavel Datsyuk. Can’t even begin to imagine the pleasure women feel when he puts those bad boys to work.

p.p.s If I was ever up 1-on-1 against Datsyuk I think I would just fall to the ground immediately. Seriously. Save myself the embarrassment and medical bills and just play dead.

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